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8 Februari 2009

Kamus Indonesia-Inggris (Online) – [A]

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abab    exhaled breath
abad    century
abadi    eternal, lasting, enduring
abah    direction
abah-abah    harness
abai    neglectful
abang    elder brother
abar    brake
abaran    inhibition
abdi    servant, slave
abnormal    abnormal
abnormalitas    abnormality
abnus    ebony
aborsi    abortion
abortus    abortion
abrak    mica
absah    valid, legal, legitimate
absen    absent
absenan    roll
absensi    take attendence
abses    abscess
absolusi    absolute
absolut-absolutan    in an absolute way

absolutisme    absolutism
absorpsi    absorption
absten    abstain
abstrak    abstract
abstraksi    abstraction
absur    absurd
absurditas    absurdity
abu    dust, asbes
abuh    swollen, swelling
abuk    fine powder
abur    squander, waste
abus    smallest portion, of no value,worthless
abyad    white, tranparent, translucent
acak    disordered, random
acak-acakan    in disorder,chaos
acang-acang    confidential agent, shop steward
acap    be under water, be stuck in deeply
acapkali    repeatedly,frequently

acar    pickles
acara    agenda, program, judicial procedure, jurisdiction
aceuk    elder sister
aci    agreed, valid
aci-aci    pith, example
aci-acian    suppossition, imagination
aci-acinya    supposing,assuming
acu-acuan    mold
acuan    hint, reference
acuh    not care
acuhan    not care
acungan    raising upward, outward
ada    there is/are, be, have, did
adab    courtesy, culture, knowing proper
adalah    is, am, are
adang    intercept,block,ambush
adanya    presence, existence, situation

adaptasi    adaptation
adapun    now,it so happens
adat    custom,tradition, customary law, manner
adegan    scene
adem    calm,cool, cold, tasteless
adhesi    adhesion, devotion,attachment
adi    superior, splended
adib    respectful
adicita    ideology
adik    younger brother/sister
adikarya    dictatorial
adil    just,fair,equitable, legal
adiratna pekaca    lotus jewel
adiwarna    resplendent, excellent
administrasi    administration
administratif    administrative
administrator    manager of an estate

administratur    administration
administrir    administer
admiral    admiral
adon    knead
adpertensi    advertisement
adpisir    adviser
adpokat    advokat
adreng    eager
adu    compete
aduh    ouch,ow, oh my
aduhai    how beautiful, incredible
aduk-adukan    continuous,mixing
adukan    the mix,mixture, mix,beater
adun    dress,finery
adverbia    adverb
aerodinamika    aerodynamics
aeronotika    aeronautics
af    break off,break up
afal    works,deeds
afal-afal    waste portions of butchered animals, reject products of a factory

afasi    aphasia
afdal    good,fine,nice, ritually pure
afdeling    section
afdruk    copy,print
afiat    healthy, good health
afiks    affix
afiksasi    affixation
afiliasi    affiliation
afinitas    afinity
afirmasi    affirmation
afrikat    affricate
afrit    evil spirit
agak    rather, approximately
agak-agak    guess,vague idea, careful
agaknya    it seems,probably
agam    virile,manly, sturdy,hefty
agama    religion
agama-agamaan    false religious
agamawan    religious person, religionist

agamawi    religous
agamix    religious
agar    in order that
agar-agar    gelatin made of seaweed
agas    sandfly,gnat
agen    agency,branch, agent
agenda    agenda
agendaris    secretary or clerk who draws up the agenda
agitasi    agitation
agogo    western dance, rock and roll
agraria    agrarian affair
agregat    electric generator, aggregate
agresi    aggression
agresif    aggressive
agresor    aggressor
agribisnis    agribusiness
agriindustri    agriindustry
agronomi    agronomy
aguk    locket

agung    exalted,high,nobel, impressive
agustus    august
ah    exclamation of indecision, alas,ah, yech
aha    aha

Ahad    Sunday, one

ahadiat    unity
ahala    dynasty
ahli    expert,specialist, skilled,highly competent, professional
ahli bahasa    translation
ahli-ahli    members, relatives
ahlubait    owner of the house,host
ahlukubur    the deceased
ahlulsuluk    mystics
ahmak    a fool, foolish, stupid
aib    shame,disgrace,scandal, error,mistake
aih    exclamation of surprice
air    water,liquit, juice
aisan    carrying cloth
ajab    surprised,astonished
ajaib    niraculous, astonishing,remarkable
ajak-ajak    wild dog

ajakan    invitation, challange, stimulus
ajang    site, arena
ajar    study
ajaran    teaching, theory, doctrine, lesson,punishment
ajek    steady,stable,constant
ajektif    adjectiva
ajengan    community leader
aji    spell,charm,magical formula, exclamation of surprise
ajir    stake,marker
ajojing    rock style dancing
ajrib    respect and fear
ajudan    adjudtant, chief petty officer
ajukan    mimicry
ajun    purpose
ajung    adjunct
aka-akal    pretended,feigned
akad    contract,agreement,covenant

akademi    academy
akademik    academic
akaid    dogma
akaid ilmu    dogmatic theology
akal    mind,intellect, intelligence, tactics, advice,instruction, deceit, trickiness,cunning
akal-akalan    machination
akalan    fabrication,invention
akali    intelligent
Ajam    Iran, Persia
akan    will,about to
akan-akan    equally true
akanan    horizon
akar    root, source
akar-akaran    several roots, like a root
akar-akarnya    source,origin
akas    clever,handy,skillful
akasia    acacia
akbar    exalted,grear, big

akhbar    newspaper,the press
akhir    end,finish
akhir-akhir ini    recently of late
akhiran    suffix
akhirat    the hereafter,the beyond
akhirnya    final,last
akhlak    character,moral
aki    storage battery
akibat    result,consequence
akibatnya    finally,as a consequence
akidah    believe,faith
akik    carnelian,agate
akilbalig    of age,grown up, legally responsible
akisir    battery acid
aklamasi    aclamation
aklimatisasi    aclimatization
akomodasi    accommodation
akompanimen    accompaniment

akord    harmonic chords
akordeon    accordion
akrab    intimate,chummy
akreditasi    accreditation
akronim    acronym
aksara    letter of the alphabet, script
akselerasi    acceleration
aksen    accent
aksentuasi    accentuating, accent,stress, emphasis
akseptable    acceptable
akseptor    acceptor
aksesori    accessory
aksi    action, lawsuit, boasting,bragging, pretense, attractive
aksioma    axiom
aksiomatis    axiomatic
akta    official document, diploma,certificate
akte    see “akta”

aktentas    briefcase
aktif    active,energetic, functioning
akting    temporarily in charge
aktivis    activist
aktivitas    activity
aktor    actor
aktris    actress
aktualisasi    actualization
aktualisir    see “aktualisasi”
aktualitas    timeliness,topicality
aktuil    recent,topical,current
akuaduk    aqueduct
akuan    confession,admission
akuarium    aquarium
akuisme    egocentricity,self-centeredness
akulturasi    acculturation
akumulasi    accumulation
akumulatif    accumulative

alun-alun    town square
akuntan    accountant
akuntansi    accountancy
akunting    accounting
akupungtur    acupuncture
akuran    mutually agree
akurat    accurate,exact
akustik    accustics
akustis    acoustic
akut    acute,critical
Al-Masih    the Messiah
ala    in the style
alahan    loss
alam    world,realm, nature,natural
alamat    address
alami    natural
alamiah    natural,concerned with nature
alan-alan    comedian,jokester
alang    middle,medium, crosswise,diagonal, crossbeam
alang-alang    tall,coarse grass

alang-alangan    indifferent,halfhearted
alangkah    how !
alap    hawk, thief
alaram    alarm
alas    base,foundation, layer,covering
alasan    reason,excuse,alibi
alat    instrument,tool,device,equipment
album    album
alegori    allegory
alegro    allegro
aleksander    topaz
alem    spoiled,pampered
alenia    paragraph
alergi    allergy,allergic
alesduk    scarf
alfabet    alphabet
algojo    executioner,hangman, bully
algoritme    algorithm
alhasil    eventually,in the end, consequently,in sum,the result

ali-ali    man’s ring
aliansi    alliance
alias    alias,other wise called
alibi    alibi
alih    shift,change position
alih-alih    instead of, on the contrary
alim    learned, pious,devout
alimentasi    alimony
aling    shelter,protective cover
alingan    shelter
alir    smooth, a line with live hait
aliran    current, trend,ideology, pipeline, condult, wiring
aliterasi    alliteration
aljabar    algebra
aljasair    algeria
alka    pimp, procuree
alkisah    the story, once upon a time
alkitab    the bible

alkitabiah    biblical
alkohol    alcohol
alkuran    Al-Qur’an
all in    everything included complete
Allah    God
allamah    very learned
allegoris    allegorical
almaktub    the holy book
almanak    almanac, calendar
almarhum    the late,the deceased
almarhumah    see “almarhum”
alofon    allophone
alokasi    allocation
alokir    allocate
alomorf    allomorph
alon-alon    slow,slowly
alpa    neglectful, inattentive
altar    altar
alternasi    alternation
alternatif    alternative
alto    alto

altruis    altruist
altruisme    altruism
altruistis    altruistic
altur    taurus
alu    rice pestle
alum    faded,wilted,withered
aluminium    aluminium
alumni    alumnus,alumna
alun    wave, swell
alun-alun    town square
alunan    wave, strains
alur    gully, channel, plot, slot
aluran    channel
am    general, ordinary, common, universal
amal    deed, work, good deed,charity
amalan    good deed, good works
amaliah    charitable
aman    peaceful, calm, safe, secure
amanah    trusteeship,mandate, instruction,commission, speech,message

amanat    see “amanah”
amandel    almond, tonsil
amandemen    amendment
amandir    amend
amang    threaten by brandishing
amar    injuction,command
amarah    anger
amat    very,exceedingly
amatir    amateur
amatiran    amateur contest
ambah    trade,handicraft
ambah-ambah    plague, pest
ambai    scoop net
ambal    carpet
ambalan    procession, troops
ambang    threshold, railroad tie
ambar    ambergris, amber
ambasador    ambassador
ambeien    piles
ambek    pout,be unwilling to move

ambekan    tending to sulk
ambet    diaper, swadding clothes, binding
ambigu    ambiguous
ambiguitas    ambiguity
ambil    take over
ambilan    the take,the receipts
ambin    strap,sling
ambinan    knapsack,pack
ambing    udder
ambisi    ambition
ambisius    ambitious
ambivalen    ambivalent
ambivalensi    ambivalence
amblas    disappear,vanish
ambleg    give way,collapse
ambles    mire,bog down,sink in mud
amblesan    subsidence
amboy    hei !
ambreg    untidy,messy
ambreng-ambrengan    strong smelling

ambrin    sweetheart
ambring-ambringan    indescribable,unheard of
ambrol    collapse, be destroyed
ambruk    collapse
ambulan    ambulance
ambulans    ambulance
ambung    bounce,soar
ambyar    splatter,fall apart
ambyuk    swarm,gather in large numbers, fall down
amendemen    amandemen
amerika    america
amerikanisasi    americanization
amerikanisme    americanism
amfibi    amphibian
amil    mosque official who collects the tithe
amin    amen
amir    commander,leader
amirulmukminin    caliph

amit-amit    God forbid
amnesti    amnesty
amonia    ammonia
amoniak    ammonia
amor    Goddess of love
amoralitas    amorality
amorf    amorphous
amortisasi    amortization
ampai    slim,slender
ampai-ampai    jellyfish
ampaian    rack,clothes rack,clothesline
ampang    insipid,tasteless
ampas    waste,dregs
ampek    asshma
amper    porch, ampere, electric meter
ampera    inexpensive
ampiran    stopping off place
ampiteater    amphitheater
amplas    fig tree, sandpaper
amplifayer    amplifier

amplop    envelope
amprok    meet,run into
amprokan    run into
ampuh    endowed with magical power, potent,effective, flood,overflow
ampul    ampul
ampun    pardon,forgiveness
amputan    female genitalia
amputasi    amputation
amril    sandpaper, emery board or paper
amsal    proverb, parable, proverb
amsiong    internal injury
amtenar    official
amtenarisme    officialsm,burreaucratism
amuba    amoeba
amubawi    amoebic
amuk    go berserk,run amuck
amukan    fight, uncontrolled raging
amunisi    ammunition

anak    child
anakanda    child,son
anakronisme    anachronism
analis    analyst,analyzer
analisis    analysis
analitik    analytic
analitikus    analyst
analitis    analytical
analog    analog
analogi    analogy
anarkhis    anarchic, anarchist
anarki    anarchy
anarkisme    anarchism
anasir    element
anatomi    anatomy
ancai    disabled
ancak    rack,shelf
ancak-ancak    indifferent,causal,nonchalant
ancam    threat
ancaman    threat
ancang-ancang    the distance, preparation
ancangan    approach

ancar-ancar    estimate, target…
ancer-ancer    see “ancar-ancar”
anda    you
andai    if
andai-andai    supposition
andainya    suppose that
andaipun    supposing that
andak    see “mengandakkan”
andal    rely on, trade on
andalan    mainstay, security pledge, chief seat
andam    lock up
andaman    incarcerated
andang    torch
andang-andang    mole,birthmark
anderak    elephane pit
anderok    slip,perticoat
andewi    andive
andil    share, constribution
anduk    hold
andukan    support,prop, sling

andun    go to
andunan    outsider
andung    grandmother
aneh    strange,queer,peculiar
anehnya    the strange this is
aneka    various,diserve,all sort of
anekdot    anecdote
aneksasi    annexation
anemer    building contractor
anemi    anemia
anestesi    anesthesia
anfal    attack, heart attack
angan    thought,notion,idea, illusion
angan-angan    thought,notion, fantasy,illusion,day dreaming
anganan    idea,notion
angel    difficult, strange,unsual
angga    tine,branch of antler
anggak    conceited,arrogant

anggal    light,insignificant, slack,light, lighty loaded
anggapan    opinion,belief, judgment, suspicion,impression
anggar    fencing
anggaran    calculation,consideration
angger    fixed
anggitan    draft, composition
anggota    member, limb, part,component
anggrek    orchid
anggrekwan    orchid grower
anggukan    a nod, pitching
anggul    raise the head,tip upward
anggun    neat,handsome,elegant, pretentious, haughty
anggung    lift,raise
anggur    grape, slip,cutting, wine
angin    win, air, rumor

angin-anginan    blow hot and cold
angina    tonsillitis
angit    odor of burnt rice or bread
angka    numerial,digit, rate, mark,grade
angka-angka    number, statistics,figures
angkara    greedy, egotistical,self centered, brutal violence
angkasa    sky,heaven, atmosphere
angkasawan    space man,astronout
angkat    lift,raise, take away
angkat-angkatan    play around at lifting
angkatan    lift, branch of, generation,age group
angker    eerie, terrible
angkong-angkong    sit idly
angkuh    arrogant, form,appearence

angkup    tweezer
angkup-angkup    valve,tweezers
angkut    carry,transport, contain
angkutan    transport,transportation, shipment,load
angle-angleran    calm,content
angler    pleasant, smooth, quiet
anglo    brazier
anglong    terrace
angop    a yawn
angot    become angry or ill again
angsa    goose
angsio    red brasied cooking
angsu    draw water
angsur    see “berangsur-angsur”
angut    see “mengangut”
anian    warp
aniaya    ill treatment, oppression
aniayai    see menganiaya
animis    animist

animo    zest,energy, interest
anis    anise,anisette
anja-anja    spoiled,pampered
anjak    thrust,push,shove
anjal    bounce,rebound, elastic,resilent
anjangkarya    field trip,study tour
anjar    anchor
anjing    dog
anjlog    descend rapidly plummet, shift rapidly
anju    attempt,running start
anjung    axtension,annex, ship’s bridge, platform
anjung-anjungan    fubome praise, pavilion
anjungan    ship’s bridge, extention,pavilion
anjungkan    see “menganjung”
anjur    stick out,protrude

anjuran    proposal, recommendation,advice
anoa    dwarf buffalo
anoda    anode
anominitas    anomymity
anonim    anonymous
anonser    announcer
anotasi    annotation
ansambel    ensemble
antagonis    antagonist
antagonisme    antagonism
antagonistis    antagonistic
antah    rice chaff
antamer    undertake,tackle
antamir    see “antamer”
antan    rice pestle
antap    calm,quiet
antar    accompany
antar bangsa    international
antar vokal    intervocalic
antar-antar    rotor, piston rod
antara    between, in the meanwhile

antara lain    among other
antaran    conductor, an order,thing ordered
antaranya    among, distance
antariksa    space,interplanetary, planetary atmosphere
antariksawan    astronaut,cosmonaut
antartika    antarctic
antedatering    retroactive dating
antek    henchman,lackey
antena    antenna,aerial
anteng    calm,quiet, being quiet
antep    heavy,solid,massive
antero    whole,all,total,entire
anteseden    antecedent
anti    be opposed to, anti
antih    spin
antik    antique, ornate, eccentric

antiklin    anticline
antilop    antelope
antimon    antimony
antimonium    see “antimon”
anting    pendant,earring, pendulum of clock
anting-anting    drongo bird
antipati    antipathy
antipoda    antipodes, wholly opposite
antipode    see “antipoda”
antisemit    anti semite
antiseptis    antiseptic
antisipasi    anticipation
antisipir    anticipate
antitesa    antithesis
antitese    see “antitesa”
antitesis    see “antitesa”
antologi    anthology
antonim    antonym
antonimi    antonymy
antrasit    anthracite

antrean    a queue
antrean-antrean    queuing up
antropolog    anthropologist
antropologi    anthropology
antuk    come in contact with,touch
antup    sting
antusias    enthusiastic
antusiasme    enthusiasm
anu    whatchumacallit, unknown kuantity
anugerah    a gift from God or a person of higher
anuitet    annuity
anulir    annul,cancel
anumerta    posthumous
anut    attentive,meek,pliant
anutan    adherence, conviction belief, fad
anuti    see “menganut”
anyal    pervish, resentful,annoyed

anyam    plait
anyam-anyaman    plaited materials
anyaman    cane work,plaited mats, plait
anyelir    carnation
anyep    bland not salty, clammy,damp
anyes    cold and damp
anyir    rancid,rank
apa    what,which
apabila    when
apak    musty,moldy,sweaty
apakala    when
apalagi    above all, evenless, moreover,besides
apalah    please, what does it amount ?
apanyapun    whichever
apapun    no matter what
aparat    apparatus, institution,agency
aparatur    apparatus
aparteid    apartheid
apartemen    apartment

apas    be unlucky
apati    apathy
apatis    apathetic
apatisme    apathy
apel    apple
apersepsi    apperception
api    fire, flame,blaze, spirit
apik    neat and nice,trim, attractive,chic
apikal    apical
apit    hemmed in,wedged in
apitan    clamp, press,extraxtor, intercalation,interpolation
apiun    raw opium
apkir    cast off, rejected
apkiran    rejected, castoff
aplikasi    application
aplos    relieve,take turn, redeem
aplosan    turn,shift,swing
aplus    applause
apolitik    apolitical

apolo    apollo
apopleksi    apoplexy
aposisi    apposition
apostolik    apostolic
apostrofe    apostrophe
apotek    pharmacy,dispensary
apoteker    pharmacist
apresiasi    appreciation
aprit-apritan    run pell mell,run feverishly
apuh    wrung dry,squeezed out
apung    float,buoyet up
apung-apung    lifebuoy,float
ara    tropical fig tree
arah    direction,course, aim,purpose
arahan    directive
arak    rice wine,arrack, liquor
arak-arakan    procession,review
aral    hindrance,obstacle
aram    twilight

arang    charcoal, coke,slag, cinder
aransemen    arrangement
aranser    arrange, arranger
aransir    see “aranser”
ararat    ararat
ararut    arrowrool
aras    border,limit
aras-arasan    feel too lazy to do
arasy    the throne of God
arbei    strawberry
arbitrase    arbitration
arca    statue,image
arde    ground
areal    acreage
arek    child
aren    sugar palm
arena    arena
ares    arrest
arestasi    detention,capture
argumen    argument
argumentasi    argumentation
ari-ari    abdomen, placenta

aria    title of nobality, the aryan race, aria
arif    learned, wise,clever, capable
arifin    intelligent person
arih    hold out,extend
arik    insomnia
aring    trap,snarl, lasso
aris    hem, edge
aristokrasi    aristocracy
aristokrat    aristocrat
arit    sickle, grass knife
arive    established,attained a position
arjuna    playboy,womanizer, handsome man
arkais    archaic
arkaisme    archaism
arkeolog    archaeologist
arkeologi    archaeology
arkeologis    archaeologival
arloji    timepiece,watch

armada    fleet
arnab    rabbit,hare
arnal    hairpin,stickpin for the hair
aroma    aroma
aromatik    aromatic
aromatis    aromatic
aron    half cooked rice
arona    sun
arpus    resin
arsen    arsenic
arsenikum    see “arsen”
arsip    archives, files
arsiparis    archivist, file clerk
arsir    shade in
arsiran    hatching, shaded in area
arsitek    architect
arsitektur    architecture
arsitekturil    architectural
artesis    artesian
arti    meaning, sense, significance
artian    meaning, concept, interpretation

artifisial    artificial
artifisiil    see “artifisial”
artika    arctic
artikel    article,clause, column
artikulasi    articulation
artikulator    articulator
artileri    atillery
artinya    that is,meaning
artis    artist
artistik    artistic
arts    physician
aru    buginese title
arum manis    cotton candy
arun    stir,mix in
arung    wade across,cross
arung-arungan    crossing,ford, shipping corridor
arus    current, flow
arwah    soul,departed spirit
aryaduta    ambassador
as    axle, axis, ace

asa    hope
asabat    nerve, sinew,muscle
asad    leo
asah    grind down
asahan    shavings, dust
asai    mouldered,mildewed
asak    move,budge, cram,jam
asal    origin,source, beginning
asal-asalan    perfunctorily
asali    original,primary, ancient, wellborn
asalkan    provided that
asalnya    originally,initially
asam    sour, acid
asam-asaman    pickled dishes, all sorts of acids
asaman    pickle, acid
asap    smoke, fumes
asas    basis,principle, foundation,base
asasi    fundamental,basic

asbak    ashtray
asbes    asbestos
asembling    assembling,assembled
asemblir    assemble
asesanti    utter a slogan
asese    approved,agreed
asesori    accessories
asetilen    acetylene
asi    care,attention
asimetri    asymmetry
asimetris    asymmetric
asimilasi    assimilation
asimptot    asymptote
asin    salty, briny
asinan    salted vegetables
asing    strange,foreign,alien, odd, different
asisten    assistant
asli    original, genuine,authentic, indegenous,autochthonous,aboriginal,primitive

asma    asthma
asmara    romantic love
asmaragama    the art of sexual relations
asoi    passionate,hot, wonderful,super
asonansi    assonance
asor    lowly
asosiasi    association
aspal    asphalt
aspalan    pavement
aspek    aspect
aspektual    aspectual
asperges    asparagus
aspiran    aspirant,candidate
aspirasi    aspiration
aspirat    aspirate
asprak    appointment
asrakal    a ceremonial meal
asrama    dormitory,hostel, barracks
asri    beautiful, harmoniously chic
asset    assets
astaga    heaven forbid,for heaven sake

astaganaga    gee whiz
astakona    octagon, polygon
astrolog    astrologer
astrologi    astrology
astronautika    astronautics
astronomy    astronomy
astronot    astronaut
asu    dog!,bastard!
asuh    care for,take care of,rear,bring up
asuhan    upbringing,rearing, education, leadership,direction
asumsi    assumption
asung    incite,stir up
asungan    incitement
asuransi    insurance
asusila    immoral
asyik    passionate, be infatuated, occupied, absorbed
atap    roof
atas    on,upon,on top of, upper, upstair, upon

atasan    higher,superior
atase    attache
atau    or
ataukah    or,whether
ateis    atheist
ateisme    atheism
atensi    attention
atlas    atlas
atlet    athlete
atletik    athletics
atma    breath, soul
atmosfer    atmosphere
atom    atom
atomisasi    atomization
atop    burp,belch
atos    hard
atraksi    attraction
atret    back up,go in reverse
atribut    atribute
atributif    attributive
atsiri    volatile
atur    arrange
aturan    arragement, regulation,rule, direction,instructions, manner

aturannya    according to the regulations
aubade    solemn,evening,ceremony of taking down the flag
audiensi    audience
audio visual    audiovisual
audisi    audition
aula    hall,auditorium
aulia    sains,pious personages
auntul    bounce,rebound
aurat    genitals
auriol    halo
aut    out
autarki    economic self sufficiency
autobiografi    autobiography
autopsi    autopsy
aviasi    aviation
avontirir    adventurer
avonturisme    adventurism
awahama    disinfect,sterilize
awahidrat    dehydration

awahutan    deforest
awak    body,self, crewman,crewwoman
awal    beginning, first,early
awalan    prefix
awali    see “mengawal”
awam    common,general, lay,nonexpert
awamkan    see “mengawam”
awan    cloud
awang-awang    atmosphere, up in the air,far off, dizzi
awangan    impromptu,extemporaneous
awas    careful,watch out, far sighted
awet    durable
awetkan    see “mengawet”
awur    scatter,sow
awur-awuran    randomly
awut    blindly,carelessly
awut-awutan    tangled, tousled, chaotic
ayah    father

ayahanda    see “ayah”
ayak    sieve,sifter
ayakan    see “ayak”
ayal    slow,doubtful
ayal-ayalan    see “berayal”
ayam    chicken
ayam-ayaman    weather vane, toy chicken
ayan    epilepsy
ayaran    pickpocket
ayat    verse, article, paragraph
ayem    calm,assured
ayeng    go here and there, go around in the circle
ayo    come on
ayom    protected,sheltered
ayu    pretty,beautiful
ayun    swing,away
ayunan    cradle, swing, sling, swaying
ayut    fornicate
azab    torment,punishment
azal    endless past,eternity without beginning

azam    highly respected, intention
azan    call to prayer
azimat    amulet,charm, mascot
azimut    azimuth
azis    enormous, aweinspiring
azmat    extraordinary fantastic


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