One of the most famous forms of Balinese performing art is kecak. The people of Bona, considered the origin of kecak, perform on this recording. Also included is sanghyang, the ceromonial music that gave birth to kecak. The kecak is a kind of musical theater which has as its theme Ramayana. This is a recording of a performance by the people of Bona, the village in which kecak was first staged during the early part of the 20th century. Also included is a performance of sanghyang, the ceremonial music which gave birth to kecak.

Hm, suara laut, suara alam, lengkingan seruling yang halus, instrumen khas tradisional Indonesia, dengan sentuhan musik modern, ramuan musik yang sangat menakjubkan. Saya share samplenya, silakan download:

Kecak and Sanghyang of Bali – Ganda Sari (1992): [SAMPLE]

Prologue –  6:07

Entrance of Rama and Sitha/Rama Chases the Golden Deer  – 5:34

Garbed as a Saint, Rawana, the King of Hell, Kidnaps Sitha   –  5:21

Sitha, Imprisoned on the Island of the King of Hell   – 4:13

Entrance of Anoman  –  6:32

Meganada Ambushes Rama  –  6:33

Rescue by Jatayu (Garuda) – 3:55

Confrontation of Sugriwa and Meganada – 4:20

Sanghyang Dedari – 7:43

Sanghyang Jaran – 5:59

Artist: Ganda Sari. Release Date: Dec 08, 1992. Format: CD Record Label: World Music Library (Japan). Genre:  World Music. Sub-Genre: Asia: Southeast.

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